Managing waste materials efficiently and cost-effectively requires the right combination of advanced technology, business acumen and exclusive access to the vast and complex market of recycled materials. That’s what gives 2M Ressources its competitive edge. Our expertise covers collecting and processing glass, plastic, cardboard and paper, as well as ferrous and nonferrous metals.


Our diverse waste management programs are tailored to the specific needs of our customers.

Our fleet of over 50 van semitrailers and a number of tractor trucks allows us to meet even the tightest and most challenging deadlines...

Sorting and processing

Our waste sorting process takes into account the production cycles of our customers downstream of the recovery centre. This means that the recycled material is precisely tailored to their specifications...

Buying recycled materials

Thanks to our productivity, quality control processes and competitive pricing, we are considered a preferred supplier of recycled materials by even the most demanding customers.